Aaron Couch has entertained thousands. Opening for such artists as Chris Rock, Brown Stone, Michael McDonald, KRS-ONE, Denise Williams, Darius Rucker, OutKast, and countless others, has added to his experience in understanding music genres and how to entertain anyone. More than 400 weddings, galas, private and corporate events in the Washington DC area over the past ten years have been performed with results that, as clients will attest, "exceeded any and all expectations". With years of experience as a musician, entertainer, composer and creative director, Couch has produced multiple MusicDesigns that display his talents. These are original music videos, remixes and cover tracks that feature the sounds of R&B, Rock, Big Band, Be-Bop, Hip-Hop, House, Club, Soul, and Neo-Soul. After years of working various types of events for various crowds, he has developed dialogue that helps to define the client's vision of a successful event. "Establishing a client's MusicProfile means understanding their definition of success". Since arriving to Washington DC in 2000, DJ Couch has had a chance to perform at such events as "Walk for the Homeless", "Realtors of America", "Eagle Bank Bowl", "Georgetown Law School Gala", and the "10 Year Anniversary of DB Consulting". Aaron Couch is an entertainer who has his own outlook on being a professional DJ. "A professional DJ is one who plays to the crowd, a hobbyist is one who plays for themselves" Ready to be entertained? Hire DJ Couch.
DJ Since: 1990 Category: Private/Wedding/Corporate/Performer DJ Performance Type: MashUps/Mix-in-Key/Turntabalism Genres: Hip-Hop, Be-Bop, House, R&B, Pop, Soul, Neo-Soul, Club, International, Dance Hall, Reggae, SoCa, Big Band Music Media Source: External Hard Drive Performance Time: 4-5 hours Performance Equipment: Pioneer DDJ-SX, Mackie DFX-6, QSC K10s, QSC KSub, Sennheiser AVX Wirless Microphone
Meet and Greet: Skype allows us to educate inquiring parties beyond what is expected in an in person sit down. Aside from the biggest advantage of being able to meet online face to face, Skype reduces parking, travel, meal and gas costs. Multiple examples of music and video can be displayed and discussed with the client. This allows us to not only meet, it also helps us to truly define and confirm the expectations of both the client and the performer.





• Congressional Country Club (Potomac, MD)

• Dean E Smith Center (Chapel Hil, NC)

• W Washington DC Hotel (Washington, DC)

• Ronald Regan Building (Washington, DC)

• Whitehall Estate (Bluemont, VA)

• Rockerfeller Estate (Washington, DC)

• Cats Cradel (Chapel Hil, NC)

• FedEx Stadium (Landover, MD)

• National Mall (Washington, DC)

• Meridian House (Washington, DC)

• Sequoia (Washington, DC)

• Old Ebbit Grill (Washington, DC)

• Tower Club (Tysons, VA)

• Mount Vernon Inn (Mount Vernon, VA)

• Strathmore (Bethesda, MD)

• Woodland Sanctuary (Chevy Chase, MD)

• Charmichael Auditorium (Chapel Hill, NC)

• Belmont Country Club (Ashburn, VA)

• Charlie Palmer's (Washington, DC)

• Park @ 14rth (Washington, DC)

• Clarendon Ballroom (Clarendon, VA)

• Madame Toussaus Wax Museum (Washington, DC)

• Ritz-Carlton (Washington, DC; Tysons Corner, VA)

• Belle Haven Country Club (Alexandria, VA)

• Art Club of Washington, DC (Washington, DC)

• Omni Shorem Hotel (Washington, DC)

• Fairmont (Washington, DC)

• Liaison Capital Hill (Washington, DC)

• Union Sation (Washington, DC)

• Mayflower (Washington, DC)

• Dumbarton House (Washington, DC)

• Decatur House (Washington, DC)

• National Museum of Women (Washington, DC)

• Mandarin Oriental (Washington, DC)

• St. Regis (Washington, DC)

• Hay-Adams Hotel (Washington, DC)

• Monaco Hotel (Alexandria, VA)

• Washington Golf Club (Alexandria, VA)

• Woodmont Country Club (Chevy Chase, MD)

• Grand Hyatt Hotel (Washington, DC)

• Austrian Embassy (Washington, DC)

• Rose Hill Manor (Leesburgh, VA)


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